Dear Speaker,


EFORT is proud to announce the online release of the scientific programme of the 2nd Virtual EFORT Congress (VEC) to be held on 30 June - 02 July 2021 and during which you have a scientific involvement.

We therefore invite you to use our online search tool to consult your own assigns, as well as to browse through presentations within your field of expertise to find your preferred sessions to attend. 

As we look forward to your active collaboration to fulfil the educational goals accompanying this virtual event, we would like to share some relevant information regarding your pre-recorded presentation.

Your presentation must be prepared upfront as a pre-recording with audio narration and automatic slide transitions and uploaded by Thursday 24 June 2021, 23:59 CET.

Prepare your presentation

  • Format
    Only Microsoft-PowerPoint (*pptx) presentations with video formats will be accepted. Videos can be linked or embedded. Please remember to upload your video files separately if you are using PowerPoint 2007 or older versions, as they cannot be embedded into the presentation. Hyperlinks to external websites will not work. Please make sure to set up your slides in 16:9 format.
     For preparing your presentation please use 
    only the MS PowerPoint narration function by following the technical instructions here below:

With your presentation open, on the Slide Show Tab (Main Menu), click Record Slide Show.


  • The first option allows you to start your recording from the first slide.
  • The second option allows you to start your recording from the current slide.
  • The third option (in grey, unless you have already recorded some slides) deletes narrations or timings. Be careful when using this option.


When choosing options 1 or 2, a dialog box called Record Slide Show opens. Tick the two boxes to record both the transition between slides and the narrations (audio) and click Start Recording.


A Recording Control Box opens in the top left corner of the slide that includes a timer allowing you to track the duration of your narration and an option to pause your recording or start again.


Once you have finished the narration for your current slide, simply change to the next slide (by clicking the “right arrow” or the “Enter” on your keyboard) and start the new narration. For a better result, make sure to finish speaking on each slide and leave a pause before going to the next slide.

Once the recording for all slides has been finished, an Audio Icon appears on the bottom right corner of each slide to allow you to check the corresponding recording. Once all recordings are correct, you need to save once more your file to include all the changes done.

You might want to test your recording equipment to make sure that you are at an appropriate distance from the microphone (not too close, and not too far). Be sure to maintain a constant distance from the microphone while recording. 

Please disable your camera when recording your slides. Only recording of the Slides Timings and Audio Narrations are necessary for your presentation.

For detailed guidelines or if you are using a different version of MS PowerPoint and cannot find the same menu options, please consult the following link:

  • Length
    The total timing of your pre-recorded talk should strictly adhere to the requested presentation length as stated in the detailed programme of your session. It will be webcasted on our live platform at the specific schedule stated in the scientific programme and available later for replay within our On Demand feature.

  • Privacy
     You must guarantee that all the content of your presentation can be shown online during the live session as well as for the on-demand version which will be available after the VEC dates (Replay). If your slides include sensitive data, please remove it BEFORE the upload of your presentation to the M Events system. Please note that all presentations will be available only to registered participants (protected platform) for a period of three-months. After this period, the presentations will be made available on open access within the Association´s websites (EFORTnet and eScience 2021

Upload your abstract presentation - Deadline: 24.06.2021, 23:59 CET

  • During the upload process, you will be requested to upload a portrait photo of yourself.
  • During the upload process, you will be requested to agree on the full content sharing of your presentation both for the LIVE broadcasting and replay options 

Presentations sent by email WILL NOT be processed.

Please receive our warmest thanks for your commitment to EFORT. 


The EFORT Team & M Events Cross Media GmbH