How to attend the live session as a presenter


A few days before the 1st Virtual EFORT Congress, you will receive an e-mail from M Events with the invitation link to the virtual conference room of your live session. To join the virtual conference room, open your personal presentation link to get to your session view:




On the top right corner of this page you will find a button “Join Meeting” which will open the assigned Zoom meeting of your session:



The Zoom application, that will open upon clicking on “Join Meeting”, can be used as a browser-based plug-in (on Google Chrome) or as a desktop client after downloading and installing the Zoom application on your computer. We recommend the download and installation of the Zoom application for the full functionality of Zoom If you cannot (or are not allowed) to download Zoom, you can access Zoom by selecting ‘join from browser’. 


In Zoom you will be able to see and to communicate with the speakers, chairs and the session-technician (Technical Host).


Once you are connected to the zoom channel, please return to the Session-View-Page, which is still open in your Browser. 



The sessions will normally consist of live presentations followed by a live discussion. When a session starts, the chairs will introduce the upcoming presentations and the technician will start the presentations. All speakers are kindly requested to attend the entire session, if possible, including the live discussion.

The presentation slides can be seen when clicking on the button “Live Session Slides” on the top right corner, which always shows the round indicator “1” when presentations slides are played live: 


View of live presentation slides:

Alternatively, you will also be able to see the slides directly within the Zoom application.


When it’s time for your own presentation to be presented you will be able to control the slides yourself. The chair will give you the cue and the session technician will activate your presentation. At that moment you will see a message popping up in the centre of your screen:


Confirming with “Ok” starts your presentation and your first slide will be shown on the live stream. You can start talking at this very moment. The audience will be able to see you through your webcam as well.

You can control your slides either by clicking on the arrows on your active slide, using the arrow keys of your keyboard or by clicking with your mouse. It works the same way as in MS PowerPoint.
 At the bottom of the screen you can always preview the next slides of your presentation.


We aim to enhance optimal interaction with the audience during the live discussions. All sessions will feature a live chat box, where delegates can ask questions. The chairs will lead the discussion(s) and select questions from the audience.

Any technical questions to the technician can be addressed in the “Tech Chat” field:



Technical support


In case you have any technical questions, feel free to contact the M-Events Support team via


A dedicated M Events technician will attend each session to assist the chairpersons and speakers. 



With kind regards,


European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology 

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