Please enter the Narration Recorder function (by clicking on the blue button) within the presentation upload step “FILE TRANSFER”



When accessing the Narration Recorder you can either choose to record your narrations directly via the recording function or you can upload a .mp3 recording file. 


In order to record your narrations you need to allow your browser (top left corner) to use your computer microphone. Please note that browsers supported are Internet Explorer 10 or greater, Firefox 29 or greater, Safari and Chrome 36 or greater.



Once your microphone is ready you can start recording by clicking on the recording button. You stop your recording by clicking on the stop-button. Your recording file will be created this might need a few seconds.


The system will then upload the recorded audio track to your ePoster file and you may review it using the narration player.




To record your narration again, first delete the file and repeat the steps described above in order to start a new narration.


You can also separately record a narration in mp3 format on your device and upload it directly using the option "Upload .mp3" button.



Please make sure that your recording does not exceed the maximum of 3 minutes, as otherwise, the audio track will be cut off automatically by the system after 03:00 minutes.