To create the ePoster with MS PowerPoint, first set the orientation and dimensions of the slide to a portrait DIN A0 format 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm (or 46.8 in x 33.1 in) with the “Custom Slide Size” command, available in the “Design” tab of the Main Toolbar. 




To create the ePoster with Adobe® Photoshop, set a portrait orientation and ensure a resolution of minimum of 200dpi keeping in mind that:

1dpi = 1 dot per inch

1dpi = 1 ppi = 1 Pixel/inch

Dimensions should be set to 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm (or 46.8 in x 33.1 in), The “Resample” command (keep locked the ratio Width/Height to constrain proportions) available in the “Image Size” option of the Main Toolbar can be used to re-size an image with different dimensions.




Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and videos are not allowed will be non-functioning but QR Codes can be included.


Authors are welcome to add images, tables and detailed data to better document their work. We recommend the use of standard fonts like Times Roman, Arial or Verdana in large sizes.