Speakers are requested to use PowerPoint MS Office for Windows or Mac (*pptx) with slide size set as Widescreen 16:9Presentations prepared with Keynote or Prezi should be checked technically before upload. Please contact directly the M Events Support team via efort@m-events.com

Videos can be linked or embedded but DVD movies are NOT supportedMPEG2 is the preferred format for embedded movies, but *.avi, *.wmv are also accepted. If Codecs are used, the Code package DIVx in the current version should be chosen. This can be found at www.divx.com. Confirm that all the necessary files are in the SAME FOLDER as your presentation before upload.

Hyperlinks to external websites will NOT work.

We recommend using “.gif” and “.jpg” formats for images. Other types of extension are accepted but prior advice from our technical team is required. Please contact directly the M Events 
Support team via efort@m-events.com

Use large fonts (the minimum size recommended is 16 points) and prioritize the use of standard fonts like Times Roman, Arial or Verdana. Some other fonts may not transfer properly from your computer to the system used for presentation.